Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Droids You're Looking For...

THE CRIMINAL MINDS are set to release their new 9 track EP some time next month.
Here's a preview of what's to come...

The Criminal Minds - The Droids you're looking for EP (preview clips) by SPATTS

A1. Stage Driver
A2. Stand Up
A3. Utility Room Session
A4. Fracture The Mainframe (Feat. Inzaine)
A5. Mainframe (Ichiban Beats)

B1. Stand Up (Jerome Hill Version)
B2. Different Type Of Lyricism
B3. Can't Go Wrong
B4. Can't Go Wrong (Merlin Version)

This will be a limited pressing of 200 records worldwide and you can pre-order your copy by sending the appropriate £££ by Paypal to ohmage88@hotmail.com  , not forgetting to include a note with your name and address and whatnot...

Cost + Shipping:
1 copy incl. postage = £12.50
2 copies incl. postage = £21.00

1 copy incl. postage = £14.00
2 copies incl. postage = £23.50

1 copy incl. postage = £18.50
2 copies incl. postage = £29.50

Pre-orders will be shipped by the end of May 2013

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bristol Built....

Vinyl seems to be making a BIG resurgence in the wonderful world of UK rap at the moment which is never a bad thing*.
The omnipresent graphic designer to the stars, MR. KRUM put me onto this one by WHIRLWIND D with crispy production by MR FANTASTIC and SIR BEANZ O.B.E. on the cuts....

GET YOUR VINYL COPY HERE or get a bunch of ones and zeros in the form of MP3 HERE

*members of the opposite sex are NEVER impressed by how many gigabytes of MP3's you own, it's all about the 7, 10 and 12 inches...