Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Malcolm Catto Is Good At Drums...

Space Time Girl - The Heliocentrics

Blow Your Top pt.2 - The Soul Destroyers

Metropoli Del Ferro - Mr Chop

...and he has a decent record collection too, apparently...

(Malcolm Catto podcast part 1 HERE)

(Malcolm Catto podcast part 2 HERE )

Good for Malcolm.

Future Shock...




by BIMS, REM & BONZAI taken from HERE

Gemini & Gnome...

Blah blah blah Sleeping Bag records blah blah blah classic blah blah blah graffiti blah blah blah rap music blah blah blah Gemini blah blah blah Gnome blah blah blah urban blah blah blah gritty blah blah broken windows blah blah blah etc... etc...

Yup, that's right, I have no reason for this post other than I like the music and the sleeves.

Keep checking for more informative, well written and entertaining posts coming soon.

Don't hold yer breath though...

Friday, 22 October 2010


Burning The Space

...featuring work from artists such as BRAVE ONE, DEMANE, EKTO, ENID, EYESAW, FRAME, KAK (pictured) & ZARJAZ


more HERE

Portishead Essential Mix...

       Andy Smith (photo from HERE)

Originally broadcast on Radio One in April 1995 and mixed by Andy Smith (with Geoff Barrow in the cut during the first hour), this set, whilst hardly groundbreaking, impressed the beejeezus out of me at the time which probably says as much for the cultural-wilderness-of-a-market-town that I was living in  as it does for the genre-hopping musical selection.

I still have my third generation, 90 minute cassette recording of this mix and a 118 minute CD version too but now, thanks to the wonder of the hindernet, I can download and listen to the whole 120 minute version in glorious hi-fi stereo sound, without radio interference or twisted tape misery...

part one HERE

part two HERE

Hurrah for science!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good Graffings...

Not posted much recently due to:
3)a new sampler
4)watching U.S. artists do lacklustre shows at horrible venues with ridiculous bar prices and arsey door staff

but mainly drunkeness.

knoe cruel

ruse skulls

krek chorlton

Apologies to anyone who has had the misfortune of speaking to me at any point over the last seven days.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Monday, 11 October 2010

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hold It Down...

Just in case you've been asleep/comatose/dead (delete as applicable) for the past few years, here is a worthwhile and entertaining waste of 30 minutes of your life...




taken from HERE



I'm saying nothing more about this, other than it's available to pre-order HERE
Check some of my older posts if you want more/less info...

The Outsider Edit by antisocial music

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Beauty and the Beat samples

There's no doubting that Edan's 'Beauty and the Beat' was one of the best albums of the last decade. In fact it is possibly one of the most interesting and diverse pieces of hip hop in the genres rather short history.

I was so taken with the albums sampled collage of psychedelic rock and obscure 80's hip hop that I decided to try to source most of the samples that Edan had used. So about four years ago I started my mission...

Some of the source material was pretty obvious and easy to find but a couple of tracks took me a long while to hunt down. Some were found courtesy of tip offs from friends, and some I just found out of sheer luck by listening to literally hundreds of albums. Through lack of motivation I finally gave up my hunt a while ago, so this isn't the complete list by any means.

I have to say that this compilation has opened my eyes to a generation of musicians and genres of amazing music that I'd previously overlooked. Hopefully it will do the same for you. Check it out here.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mo' Ninja

I always liked WBI Red Ninja, they often seem to be overlooked when people talk about UK hip hop of that era. I particularly admired their slightly offkey samples sources (James Dean on 'X the unknown' for example) and dark sound...
A couple of earlier tracks:-

I've always wondered where the cover picture from the War Bytes Ep comes from:-

If anyone could let me know, I'd be mighty grateful!

Red Ninja...

Here's some slept on 90's UK Hip Hop for you. Had a few copies of these pass through my hands over the years...


Been listening to July a lot over the past couple of years. A really interesting Psychedelic group from Ealing who (as far as I know) only made one album in 1968 before splitting up a year later.

Out of the ashes of July came Jade Warrior, whose early work still had an edge of psychedelia. Their later music became more progressive and ambient over the years, light years away from the early July stuff but still an interesting listen.

Chain 3 TMT

A small post of appreciation for Chain 3, one of my favourite writers from the golden age (the mid /late 70's) of NY writing.


chain -worm '78

chain 3 fed 2

Chain 3 Part Sir Nose


He's still rocking to this day, check out his Flickr