Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fifty Four...



by HICKS from HERE

The Outsider...


Here's a quick taster of The Outsider by Doctor Zoots which is available FREE to the first 50 people who buy issue seven of WORDPLAY MAGAZINE. Alternatively, RAREKIND RECORDS also have a limited number of copies that they are giving away with mail/hindernet orders.
Be lucky.

The Outsider Edit by antisocial music

Blacks Without Soul...

for Ben Morris, Tony Liston and Joe Gaysonofa...

Keep The Faith...

(portrait of BICH by NASE PWS)

London graff magazine KEEP THE FAITH are planning a feature on BICH for their next issue and are looking for photos of pieces by him to illustrate it. If you have anything to contribute, get in contact at

North Yorks Whippet Race...

north yorks whippet race

I was given this CD a few years ago by DJ Goose, who had just performed a set at New Bohemia in Leeds, it features over an hour of slick blends, tight cuts, on point juggles and, most importantly, GOOD MUSIC...
Look, I like it so much that I spent 10 minutes making a sleeve for it and another 15 minutes writing and re-writing this drivel so I reckon the least you can do is spend a few minutes of your time to download the bugger. You won't regret it.

do it HERE now!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

"...creating musical magic from thin air..."

Rock The Bells...

Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry.
Couldn't care less that Norman Cook has done a re-edit of it, or that it was obviously a big influence for the theme to Futurama, it's all about the no-tech super-8 visuals.
So there.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Keep It On The One...



Yup, another UK produced graff mag.

To be fair, Aura 2 is more of a book than a magazine. It’s 160 pages long, has lots of previously unpublished flicks of trains and walls, clean layout, no staples and the cover is a nice shade of orange.

Amongst the usual random graff flicks that you would expect to find, this issue features the work of 12 prolific European writers; RISKO, MASH ONE, BOMS, WONS, ATTAI, SMASH 137, CREAK, RAINMAN, DISKO 73, PAW ONE, ODISY and SHOE; each demonstrating their own individual styles.


If that wasn’t enough, it also contains a Lisbon scene report, the adventures of CREAK, RAINMAN and DISKO in Bucharest, some inspired arty looking yard shots and 20 pages of vintage dutch bananas. And the cover is a nice shade of orange.


Of the 160 pages, only eight are in colour (all whole cars, mind), but the content and print quality throughout more than makes up for this so forget I mentioned it. And, of course, the cover is a really nice shade of orange.


In my (humble/irrelevant) opinion this is definately a big improvement on Aura1 (still available, well worth a gander) and infinitely better than the first few issues of Graphotism. It’s worth a look just to see what MASH, WONS and ODISY have been up to if nothing else…


Looking forward to seeing what issue 3 brings.

(review originally printed HERE )

both issues of AURA Graffiti Journal are very good and available HERE

The Grits

more HERE

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Underated...under rated...underrated...

Kista has been doing his bit for the North Yorks tourist trade for years now; as well as running an annual graff jam, he's independantly released a handful of records, once had an interview in Hip Hop Connection (back when they still insisted on printing it on pulped trees) and has managed to resist the fame, fanny, and fortune that comes with being a London-based producer to carry on doing his thing in sunny Scarborough...

myspace HERE

reverbnation HERE


Edan Radio


thanks to Nome for putting me onto these two eclectic, echo-drenched musical meanderings captained by The Humble Magnificent Mic Manipulator himself...

download show one HERE
download show two HERE


Friday, 24 September 2010

The P Is Free...


detail of a piece by ELPH, stoled from HERE

March Of The Pescatons...

march of the pescatons

I know that my man Kid Dyno at Breaks For Days has posted this one before, but the more that people download it, the less cd-r's I have to burn of it, which will leave me more time to think about maybe getting a new mix committed to disc...or just to leisurely drink and smoke myself to an early death, i'm easy.

To The Break Of Dawn - Fish
Original Love Injection - Body Beard Brothers
D90 - Braintax
Emcees Smoke Crack - Edan
Dope On Plastic - Uptown
Two Five - 45 King & Wildchild
Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Tramp - Lowell Fulson
It's My Thing - Marva Whitney
Cold Sweat - James Brown
Cramp Your Style -All The People
Humpty Dump - Breakestra
Funky Nassau - Orgone
Rock - DJ Spinna
The Creator -Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Calm Down - Most Wanted
Beyond The 16th Parallel - B.R.O.T.H.E.R
Beyond This World - Jungle Brothers
The Blackbird's Theme - Blackbyrds

CLICK HERE to download



Turn The Party Out - Fish
Ready - Wordsworth Surgery
Learn To Be Strong - Cappo
When I Give My Heart To You - Mentat & Skinnyman
Dunya - Micall Parknsun
Dramathing - Asaviour
The Mic Sounds Nice - MF Doom
Pushin' On - Quantic Soul Orchestra
Never Found A Girl - Joseph Henry
Looking Out My Window - Tom Jones
Thing - Nostalgia 77
Primate Boogaloo - Quantic & Aspects
Get Ya Hands In The Air - Leisure All Stars
New Definition - Medusa
Rocksteady - Aretha Franklin
I Know You Got Soul - Bobby Byrd
I Know You Got Soul - Eric B & Rakim
I'm Ready - Caveman
As The Drum Pounds - DJ Format & Abdominal
Chorus Line pt.2 - Ultramagnetic MC's
Re-Return Of The Original Artform - Major Force
Message from The King - Dynamo Productions
Bliss - Rosie Brown
Tom's Interlude - Fish
Hit Or Miss - Bo Diddley
It's Great To Be Here - Jackson 5
C.R.E.A.M - El Michel's Affair
Monday Night - Dooley O
Fresh Nostalgia - Sojourn
Duck Rock / Style Wars - Danny Breaks / Hijack
The Future - Rodney P
G.M.B (Just Like That) - Yungun & Mr Thing

CLICK HERE to download


brave one

detail of an unfinished wall by BRAVE ONE, teefed from HERE




The first 50 copies come with a free cd, "The Outsider" by Doctor Zoots, purchase your copy HERE

The Qualitons...

Babe Ruth...