Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Donnie Propa - Side 2 Side...

DONNIE PROPA out of HEAVY LINKS has put out his first mix in what seems like an age and I reckon it's been worth the wait.
This one is chock full of double copies of classic U.S rap RECORDS (ie: all vinyl, none of your download, mp3jay, dibby dibby soundbwoy bizznizzzzzz) from the 90's and was done in collaboration with PLANET ROCK GRAPHICS as the first in their SIDE2SIDE series of mixtapes.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tired, Tired, Tired...

I am a white, self-employed, working class male with a roof over my head, access to the hindernet and plenty of spare time on my hands (like I said, I'm self-employed) so what could I possibly have to complain about? In reality, not a lot but that's not going to stop me having a go...

Charities such as Oxfam / Help The Aged / Marie Curie / Cancer Research et al. could REALLY do themselves a favour if they stopped employing all these £8 per hour, hi-viz and false smile wearing, "hello-mate-can-I-have-a-minute-of-your-time...", straight-out-of-uni mother flippers to try and charm my bank details from me and simply returned to the time honoured tradition of selling dead people's clothes, dog eared books and scratched Klaus Wunderlich LP's from a shop that smells vaguely of wee.

Golf Umbrellas
No one is that fat that the only way they can shelter from god's tears whilst wandering round a busy city centre is to stab people with a multi-coloured, 2:1 scale model of the Millenium Dome. Cease and desist. And that goes double for all you vertically challenged, eye-stabbing fools.

Rucksacks On Wheels
Commuters, what is it that you need to carry round with you on a daily basis that will fit into the average sized rucksack but is too heavy to be carried by your puny little body and therefore needs to be pulled behind you in an average sized rucksack on wheels? Assuming that you're not taking gold bars to work everyday - NOTHING!

People Who Drive To The Gym
...and then spend the entire time on the running and/or cycling machines.

People Who Start Every Sentence With The Word So
Especially prevalent in the wonderful world of social networking websites, these fuckers start EVERY sentence as if it's the punchline to a non-existent previous sentence, "So I've just finished reading a totes amazeballs article in Vice magazine...", "So I've just started a new diet...", "So it turns out my girlfriend is leaving me..."

White Males Of A Certain Age Who Compile Lists Of Petty Grievances On Blogs That Nobody Reads
Fuck it, i'm tired anyway.

Til next time...

Friday, 17 January 2014

Burgundy Blood and King Cesar....

Heavy Crates & More Bounce & No Fakin' have announced this gem of a late valentine's day present for the missus...

"KING CESAR introduced himself to Hip Hop fans worldwide with his collaboration with MF DOOM on "Who You Think I Am" taken from Doom's timeless classic LP "Operation Doomsday". Along with Doom he is an original member of the underground New York Super Crew Monsta Island Czars. Their official debut LP "Escape From Monsta Island", largely produced by Cesar, earned huge critical acclaim reaching almost cult status with underground Hip Hop fans. For his first ever UK shows he is joined by Heavy Crates collaborator BURGUNDY BLOOD.

A Stalwart of the Manchester music scene for over 2 decades BURGUNDY BLOOD came back fresher than ever in 2013 with his multi-member Hip Hop concept 'series'. As well as KING CESAR has recently collaborated with SADAT X for Heavy Crates Records, dropped 'The Cordial Stance' EP on Chopped Herring Records and makes his Manchester debut off the back of a highly anticipated colloaboration with KOOL KEITH."

£5 Entry
8 til Late
First Chop Brewing Arm,
Unit 3 Trinity Row
Trinity Way
M3 5EN

This is going to be a right good do...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

You Should Know...

Grown man business from CHROME (out of Def Tex) & ILLINSPIRED. I'm looking forward to the uptempo, britcore revival that is surely on the cards...or did I miss that already? Whatever, I like this...

Throw Down Sessions...

Cambridge's finest, SKUFF drops bars over a beat laced by DIRTY DIKE for series 2 of Newt Labs Throwdown Sessions...

Antimix on Mixcloud

I've recently uploaded ANTIMIX ONE, TWO, EIGHT, ELEVEN and FOURTEEN to MIXCLOUD alongside the FROM THE ARCHIVE cut & paste jobby so, even if they are no longer available to download, you can still have some ropey Fish selections to listen to on your way to the launderette. Lucky you.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Antimix 14...

I'm guessing that everyone's had sufficient time to recover from Mr. Krum's £18 worth of super duty tough work that is/was ANTIMIX 13 (none of the records he used cost more than £1, apparently) to move onto the next in the series which has been compiled by no-one's favourite antisocial, balding, drunken DJ and beatmaker who talks about himself in the third person on a blog that nobody actually reads, Fish.

This one was put together during a particularly punishing schedule of getting drunk, smoking cigarettes, painting graffiti, scouring Facebook for things to reblog, scouring the hindernet for porn (for, ahem, research) and rearranging little bits of people's music for other people to do rapping over.

It's the usual reasonably subtle blend of old and new, drum heavy, sampled and sampleable jazzfunkpsycherocksoulandthat which I'm sure you've probably heard before but, it's not costing you anything -other than about 200mb of precious hard drive space which, let's be honest, you'd only fill with filthy pictures anyway - so, stop your complaining.

Unfortunately, the links for these compilations are becoming more and more difficult to keep live (home taping is killing music don't you know!) so you had probably better CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW before it disappears into the ether forever...

Antimix Fourteen by Fish on Mixcloud

Solid Steel - UK v's Philly

On the advice of someone or other on Facebook (which is how I make all decisions regarding my life, no matter how big or small), I downloaded this mix a few weeks ago but only got round to giving it a proper listen today and I thought I should share the goodness...

Back in November of last year, Phill Most Chill and DJ Format took to the turntables for 30 minutes each to drop some obscure rap records from their respective areas for the SOLID STEEL RADIO SHOW to promote their album The Foremost

Phill Most Chill

Hip City Swingers _ I'm the Man _ B-Brothers Platinum Records
DJ Todd 1 _ The Jam _ Cut Up!
IBM Nation _ Brainiac _ Inner City Records
B-Fresh _ Watch My DJ Get Busy _ Raw Records
Courageous Chief _ Verbal Surgery _ Tirade
Phill Most Chill _ On The Hype Tip _ DWG
Plush Bros _ Back To The Lab _ Plush Records
MC Prelitique _ No More Lies _ Maine Records
Heavy Action _ He's Treacherous _ Rough Cut Productions
Robbie B & Jazzy Jay _ Boogie Down _ R.B.A. Records
Legion Of Doom _ Live Bait _ Bill Collectors Inc.
Three Times Dope _ Improvin' The Groovin' _ Arista
Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad _ T.L. Back To Yell _ Sure Shot Records
AKR _ AKR Made It _ Park Place Records

DJ Format
Demon Boyz _ Lyrical Culture _ Music Of Life
Powercut Crew (feat. Mistri-D) _ God Made Me Funky _ Vinyl Lab Records
MC Mell 'O' _ Talk Dem Way _ Funki Dred
Gutter Snypes _ Flatline _ Liberty Grooves
Hijack _ I Had To Serve You _ Warner Bros
Krispy 3 _ Back It Up _ Kold Sweat
Unanimous Decision _ Simply Dope _ Kold Sweat
Son Of Noise _ Ill Justice _ Music Of Life
Bushkiller _ 92 Salute _ Danger Records
K.C.F Productions (feat. C-Madd E) _ Words 'N' Musik _ GTI Records
Dominant Force _ Criminals _ Gangster Records
MC's Logik _ We're On A Mission _ Submission Records
Shogun MC _ The Struggle Continues _ Blue Chip Records
Sunshine Power _ It's Too Late _ Sing A Song Records

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dunce Hats...

BBP have released Dunce Hats by Crawley Downs - via Oxford via East London - paisley patterned resident, ELLIOT FRESH.

This eight track EP comprises four vocal tracks alongside their respective instrumentals and features jazzy, boom bap production from Mexico's own HARRY CAINE, Liverpool's finest RACK MODE and Manchester's baldest, FISH.

Download your copy por nada HERE now.

Forthcoming Release...

Yup, some serious flogging of a dead/dying horse going on here as ANTISOCIAL prepare to release seven FISH produced tracks that didn't make it on to DOCTOR ZOOTS second album, DIRTY WORK.
The cunningly titled EXTRA WORK will be available to download sometime next month from THEANTISOCIALMUSIC.BANDCAMP.COM

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Game Tight...

^^ This is the A side of the forthcoming GUTTER SNYPES 45 which SHOULD be available around the end of next month on SUPER DISCO EDITS.
Can't wait...

Kista Competition...

SOUNDWEIGHT & DUSTY PLATTER are giving one lucky punter the opportunity to win a unique test pressing of KISTA's Pushin' Buttons EP, painted and signed by the man himself. All you need to do is log onto Facebook then LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT the above photo. The winner will be picked at random next week. Apparently.
If all that sounds like too much faff, get your copy HERE HERE HERE

Holdin' Court...

HOLDIN' COURT have moved their operation to the big smoke for 2014 and have put together a dope line up to kick things off and it's FREE ENTRY.
Big things.