Thursday, 10 February 2011

Falling Down.


Waxer said...

Haha wicked spot! I suppose we all gotta do summat, I bet I could find out too, I know a heavy crate diger you might also know, Agent Finch, he's a postie, I wonder if he could find out? This guy walks with a bit of attitude... hold on, why not just jump out with a copy of his LP and see if he says anything?

Wicked blog by the way, Kid Dyno posted something about you and I just discovered ya! Some well nice bits and info on here mate, respect!

Fish said...

^^ I s'pose it's not so strange if you think about it,rap in the UK is nowhere near as big business as it is in the US and everybody's got to make a living!

hooks said...

Just shout "oi mate you've got a baby in your head" at him, he'll soon look round