Saturday, 12 March 2011

Don't Take The Bait...

A word of warning from our friends at KEEP THE FAITH MAGAZINE:

"So word’s been getting back to us that there are some dodgy goings-on on the net right now.

The other day HurtYouBad posted, and subsequently removed, a post about a mag that’s apparently being made called Court Room 5.

On top of this, there’s a blog called Watch Your Stepz.

Both have Flickr accounts full of stolen flicks, with links to each other and email addresses requesting ‘ILLEGAL EXCLUSIVE FLICKS ONLY’.

But, looking at it all, there’s something that really doesn’t sit right. Call it instinct, call it paranoia…. call it what you want, but we think it’s TOAST.

In other words, we smell a rat… no, actually a PIG.

Be very fucking careful on the internet – just because they have a link back to our site, doesn’t mean we can vouch for them.

Too many writers chat a lot of shit online, leaving comments on Flickr that make BTP’s job very fucking easy. Talking about what pieces say, where people are from, what aliases they have and so on, is pretty much grassing. So watch what you type.

Other blogs need to spread the word about this.

We might be wrong, but until someone reputable comes to us and tells us any different we’re saying AVOID Court Room 5 and Watch Your Stepz.


KTF Team, 2011."


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Daily Diggers said...

smells like BAIT to me!