Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fresh For '86...

Recorded to multitrack tape machine using VINYL (no dibby dibby MP3 business!) this mix has been a 5 month labour of love by K-DELIGHT and features CRAFT WORK KINGS inspired artwork by NICKOS (TFB/PWS/CBM)

Find the download link, track-listing and long, unnecessarily detailed explanation (it's good - end of!) HERE


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157 said...

86 was the year I really got into hip hop. Before that I did like a lot of the electro stuff but the advent of sampling in rap really got me interested. The breakin' craze had died out a year earlier and not many people in my area were really into the new generation of hip hop acts that were slowly filtering through.

The street sounds lp's became more hip hop biased and we first received National Fresh out here in the sticks. I still owe my love of hip hop these days to the likes of Mike Allen and John Peel (who always played a couple of hip hop tracks on his shows back then).

It was definitely a transitional year, where the early 80's drum machine electro era developed into the break sampling tracks that would form the foundations of hip hop's golden era.

Fresh for 86 indeed.