Friday, 18 November 2011

Straight Jack It...

Yup, another day, another mixtape... this one is mixed by MR THING (who's actually quite good - should go far!!) for YUNGUN who rhymes over a smoother, jazzier selection of beats than yer average UK rapper (what, no "Ten Yat Commandments"?) and collaborates with the likes of, amongst others, GURU, I.G. CULTURE, THE NEXTMEN, TONY D & DOC BROWN.

It's a decent, entertaining and welcome return from yet another rapper who seemed to teeter on the brink of the bottomless, where-are-they-now pit for a while when it turns out he was just busy hammering away at new tracks for a forthcoming album.

Available to download for nada HERE or if you're one of those progressive, no-record-collection-having, mp3jay types, you can download the unmixed versions HERE , set your computer to "mix like a goodun" and pretend that you were once a member of the Scratch Perverts.It's never been simpler.

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