Monday, 9 January 2012

Holdin' Court Show, Kane FM 08/01/12

Holdin' Court aired their third show on Kane FM last night.

If , unlike me, you have better things to do on a Sunday than sit around listening to the radio, HERE'S WHAT YOU MISSED and here's the tracklist ...

Second Son/Task Force - Valley Of The Crows
Lewis Parker - Mr. Parker’s Siesta
Lewis Parker - Shark
Styly Cee & Cappo - The Fallout (Fish Remix)
Kashmere The Iguana Man - The Fanatic
Jehst - The Return Of The Drifter
Spider Jaroo - Who’s That?
Life - Always Living
J-Life - Satisfied?
Masters Of Illusion - Souped Up!
Masters Of Illusion - We All Over
Gang Starr - Skills
Benny Diction - Beer Goggles And Rose-Tinted Specs
The Four Owls - Lights Off
Royce Da 5’9 - Boom!
Gang Starr & M.O.P. - Half And Half
Demon Boyz - Northside
London Posse - Gangster Chronicle
London Posse - Gangster Chronicle (Chrome’s Hip Hop Gangster Mix)
Tommy Evans, Doc Brown, Usmann - Party Animals
Lord Finesse - Yes You May
Stezo - Freak The Funk
Main Source - Looking At The Front Door
UMC’s - One to Grow On
Masters Of Illusion - The Bay Bronx Bridge
Task Force & Braintax - Rockstarz
Doctor Zoots - Test Tubes
Jehst feat. Asaviour - People Under The Weather
Spider Jaroo - Waiting For Comission
Dayse & Aver - No Exit
Lewis Parker feat. lost Souljah - Blood
Mark B & Dialect - Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons
J-Zone - A Friendly Game Of Basketball
Mr. MF eXquire - Lou Ferigno’s Mad

listen on mixcloud HERE

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