Friday, 8 June 2012

Antimix Seven...

well, it's a bit late (all due to the fact that I am working away from home and am too tight to pay for the hindernet - most hotels charge £10 for 24 hours access which I think is a bit excessive when all I want to do is check my emails and have a quick wank),but ANTIMIX SEVEN is finally here and finally available to download.
This month's selection was compiled and unmixed by graff artist, record collector, DJ, producer and occasional emcee, SIGHER and it's a hour long dig that unearths a bit of latin, heaps of soul and funk, a couple of cheeky rap tracks and a few obscure film promos too.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and decide for yourself wether or not it's been worth the wait.*

*it has.


Ric Flair said...

Very interesting selection.
Like it !

Good to see Phill Most Chill back in action.

kista said...