Thursday, 4 April 2013

Grand Emporium E.P...

KISTA is about to bless the world with his second vinyl release on SOUNDWEIGHT RECORDS entitled THE GRAND EMPORIUM E.P. which features TABLEEK, CAPPO, ELLIOT FRESH and STAN ILLA displaying their respective lyrical skills over KISTA's crunchy drums, bouncing basslines and...aah fuck it, I am utterly shite at writing music reviews and I can't be at all objective about this - did I mention my remix of LIVEWIRE FEEDBACK is the last track on side two?  - but,  YOU WILL LOVE THIS RECORD so I suggest that you give the soundcloud sampler  a listen and then get yours HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE or be sad, lonely and friendless's your choice.

I should probably say something about the all new SOUNDWEIGHT / HEAVY GOODS t-shirts designed by the ball of misery, stress and lyrics that is DOCTOR ZOOTS....

...erm, mine's a medium.

Cheers then.

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