Friday, 15 November 2013

DJ Format - Strictly Hip Hop...

Strictly Hip Hop is the name of this mix that DJ Format has recently put together for the excellent, action packed PARIS DJ's website which features all manner of uptempo goodness including the FISH remix of LIVEWIRE FEEDBACK by KISTA & CAPPO*
Either way, check the tracklist and click the link below to download this free freshness...

01. Soundsci - Lockdown
02. The Legion - Straight Flow
03. Ghostface Killah - In Tha Park feat. Black Thought
04. Thaione Davis & J.Sayne a.k.a. Elephant Beach - World Premier
05. Sputnik Brown - Super Ego
06. Edan - Making Planets
07. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill - Angry Birds
08. Divine Styler - Microphenia feat. Styles Of Beyond
09. MC Solaar - Qui Sème Le Vent Récolte Le Tempo feat. Guru (Gang Starr Remix)
10. Emskee - Black Boys, Baseball Caps & Beepers
11. DJ Format & Phill Most Chill - The Foremost
12. Kista - Livewire Feedback (Fish Remix) feat. Cappo

*this simple, irrellevant fact has absolutely no bearing on the decision to repost this mix here. Honest.

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