Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Pushin' Buttons EP...

Soundweight Records has teamed up with Dusty Platter to bring you ‘Pushin Buttons’ which is a strictly limited 12 track EP consisting of unreleased instrumentals and hard-to-find-on-vinyl vocal tracks produced by Scarborough's finest, KISTA

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A1. Stupid Mutha (Featuring Tableek)
A2. Grandmaster Majere (Featuring Sumkid)
A3. Off The Beaten Track
A4. Devils Shoes (Featuring Sumkid & Rob Mckay)
A5. Talk With God (Featuring Tableek)
A6. Moonwalk

B1. Stupid Mutha (Instrumental)
B2. Grandmaster Majere (Instrumental)
B3. Day Two
B4. Devils Shoes (Instrumental)
B5. Talk With God (Instrumental)
B6. Day One

DP/SWR 001

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