Monday, 27 September 2010



Yup, another UK produced graff mag.

To be fair, Aura 2 is more of a book than a magazine. It’s 160 pages long, has lots of previously unpublished flicks of trains and walls, clean layout, no staples and the cover is a nice shade of orange.

Amongst the usual random graff flicks that you would expect to find, this issue features the work of 12 prolific European writers; RISKO, MASH ONE, BOMS, WONS, ATTAI, SMASH 137, CREAK, RAINMAN, DISKO 73, PAW ONE, ODISY and SHOE; each demonstrating their own individual styles.


If that wasn’t enough, it also contains a Lisbon scene report, the adventures of CREAK, RAINMAN and DISKO in Bucharest, some inspired arty looking yard shots and 20 pages of vintage dutch bananas. And the cover is a nice shade of orange.


Of the 160 pages, only eight are in colour (all whole cars, mind), but the content and print quality throughout more than makes up for this so forget I mentioned it. And, of course, the cover is a really nice shade of orange.


In my (humble/irrelevant) opinion this is definately a big improvement on Aura1 (still available, well worth a gander) and infinitely better than the first few issues of Graphotism. It’s worth a look just to see what MASH, WONS and ODISY have been up to if nothing else…


Looking forward to seeing what issue 3 brings.

(review originally printed HERE )

both issues of AURA Graffiti Journal are very good and available HERE

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K R E K © said...

Looks top, nice one for the heads up on this