Friday, 24 September 2010

March Of The Pescatons...

march of the pescatons

I know that my man Kid Dyno at Breaks For Days has posted this one before, but the more that people download it, the less cd-r's I have to burn of it, which will leave me more time to think about maybe getting a new mix committed to disc...or just to leisurely drink and smoke myself to an early death, i'm easy.

To The Break Of Dawn - Fish
Original Love Injection - Body Beard Brothers
D90 - Braintax
Emcees Smoke Crack - Edan
Dope On Plastic - Uptown
Two Five - 45 King & Wildchild
Don't Sweat The Technique - Eric B & Rakim
Tramp - Lowell Fulson
It's My Thing - Marva Whitney
Cold Sweat - James Brown
Cramp Your Style -All The People
Humpty Dump - Breakestra
Funky Nassau - Orgone
Rock - DJ Spinna
The Creator -Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Calm Down - Most Wanted
Beyond The 16th Parallel - B.R.O.T.H.E.R
Beyond This World - Jungle Brothers
The Blackbird's Theme - Blackbyrds

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