Thursday, 4 August 2011

Blowing Up The Spot...

Over the past few years, for various reasons (hindernet shopping and mp3's for a start...), the number of second-hand record shops in the UK has declined and it is with this in mind that I decided it was time to shine a light on some of my favourite places to spend my (arguably) hard-earned wedge.
If you ever find yourself in Manchester city centre with a few hours to kill and money to burn, you should check them out.

Beatin' Rhythm, 108 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LR
0161 834 7783
There's worse ways to spend a day than digging through the seemingly endless boxes of 7"s within this almost claustrophobically small store. They mainly specialise in Soul but also have a good, varied selection of Funk, Jazz, Psyche, Rock N Roll and more rap though, unfortunately.
Look, if you can't find a good open drum break here, stop trying.  

Empire Exchange, 1 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1HW
0161 236 4445
Nestled in amongst the old comics, football strips, books, medals and other collectable guff are racks of reasonably-priced second-hand wax. This place can be a bit hit or miss but it's not unheard of to find a classic rap album or drum break whilst rifling through the racks. Besides which, if you can't find any records of interest you can always wile away the hours perusing the vintage porn.


Vinyl Exchange, 18 Oldham Street, Manchester M1 1JN
0161 228 1122

Vinyl Exchange have a good selection of all genres of music, knowledgeable, staff and a constant stream of new s/h goodies. The hip hop, breaks and funk sections are always pretty well stocked and while it can be a bit pricey, I never seem to leave this shop without something fresh for the racks and slightly less money for food/bills/tabs

So that's three spots to keep you busy for now. More soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, I recently thought it would be a nice idea to photo document all my old record haunts...too late now most of em have gone, there arent enough images of the insides of record shops.


Leo Slayer said...

Cheers VanOne, I intend to add to this post when time and money allow. In the meantime, if anyone wants to submit flicks, the email addy is

Anonymous said...

Heading up to Manchester in mid-September, first time in the city and looking forward to a good dig. DJ Shep (Holdin' Court & SS Radio)

Daily Diggers said...

I've only hit Vinyl Exchange with the quickness, but still left with an armful of beats. But YO I need to peep these other spots .... I shall come up and request an antisocial tour of the vinyl haunts. Nice work....KD