Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bumpkin Beatdown...

To further prove that London is not the be all and end all of UK rap, here's a track from a lo-fi, home-produced cassette recorded in 1995 by the lamentably short-lived Four Eyez (FEZ) crew from Cambridge, featuring bumpkin graff legend PSYCHIC SYE63 in full-on battle mode. Recorded without the use of a sampler, this track is notable for the first and only reference in a rap song to Eaton Socon, a village in Cambridgeshire that, at the time of recording, had more writers than pubs...

"don't step or you'll all get wasted..."

Free 63!!!!!

Word to big bird.

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Anonymous said...

Sye's graf is legendary in Lynn.

Major props,

The Kule MC from the Kings Lynnguists and Synikule