Monday, 16 April 2012

From The Archive...

This 22 minute mix was done before I could afford my own turntables, sometime in 2002, using a borrowed 1210, a knackered Cintronic mixer and my four track tape recorder.
There's bits of it that I quite like (the Method Man / Jehst blend for a start...) and other parts that I find painful to listen to (the awful scratching and the slight whiff of cheese that permeates the whole thing), but I'm desperate for stuff to post in order to entertain the ever-dwindling, short-attention-span-having readership of this scuppered ship of a blog so, untuck yer t-shirt, cancel all your appointments, make a cup of tea, light a cigarette and listen...


Ric Flair said...

Easy Leo my man.
I think this li'l mix is nice indeed.
Kept me happily entertained anyways.
I have also got some other old 4 track mixes to put up as soon as I get round to converting them.
I can guarantee that my shit is ropier than your shit.

Leo Slayer said...

Thanks Mr Flair, you know how these things are, I will always be my harshest critic, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Look forward to hearing your efforts.

157 said...

I like it. I never had the patience to try and put something like this together.