Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Latin Concrete...

LATIN CONCRETE is the name of a new BBE compilation put together by DJ and producer Chris Read featuring seventeen contemporary rhythm-heavy Latin tracks.

Highlights for me include the itchy, scratchy guitar and piano of "Beanflicker" by RSL, the infectious "Cookin" by BEATFANATIC, "Center's Groove" by DJ CENTER and the big, heavy drums of COLOR CLIMAX's "Batidas Latinas" (two copies are a must!).

As you have probably guessed, I am rubbish at describing music -it's either good or it's not - so here's a few clips I found on YouTube for you to form your own opinion...

Whilst it's not a record that I would categorise as essential, it is a good listen and if you're looking for an album compiled by Chris Read with lots of horns, big drums and a Latin flavour, this is definately the one for you.

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