Monday, 24 June 2013

Mr. Krum - Antimix 13...

The second of this month's low-budget themed ANTIMIX comes from Vinyl Veteran and graphic designer, Mr. KRUM who, as well as compiling a great selection of music, also found time to write a few lines about each of the featured tracks which you can check out (along with his work for independent labels such as SLICE-OF-SPICE, KING KONG HOLDING COMPANY, DIGGERS WITH GRATITUDE, BREAKIN BREAD, BLUNTED ASTRONAUT, PROJECT BLUE BOOK et al...)HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE .

Here's what the man himself had to say by way of introduction...

"OK, so I wanted to call this mix the 'Poundland Edition' as every record on here (bar one) cost me no more than one English pound.
Andy Westbury from Eldica in Dalston asked me the other day what's been my best charity shop/boot sale find, which is pretty much an impossible question to answer as most of my Soul, Funk, Jazz, Breaks, etc, has been picked up cheap over the years from these types of places so, I decided to sift through the collection and pull out some of my favourite/most memorable finds.
Instead of making choices based solely upon rarity, I've tried to put together a selection that, although not actually a mix as such, still has a fluency to it - that's the idea anyway! It's also given me the opportunity to include a lot of records I don't usually get a chance to play out, which is nice :)"



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