Sunday, 12 January 2014

Antimix 14...

I'm guessing that everyone's had sufficient time to recover from Mr. Krum's £18 worth of super duty tough work that is/was ANTIMIX 13 (none of the records he used cost more than £1, apparently) to move onto the next in the series which has been compiled by no-one's favourite antisocial, balding, drunken DJ and beatmaker who talks about himself in the third person on a blog that nobody actually reads, Fish.

This one was put together during a particularly punishing schedule of getting drunk, smoking cigarettes, painting graffiti, scouring Facebook for things to reblog, scouring the hindernet for porn (for, ahem, research) and rearranging little bits of people's music for other people to do rapping over.

It's the usual reasonably subtle blend of old and new, drum heavy, sampled and sampleable jazzfunkpsycherocksoulandthat which I'm sure you've probably heard before but, it's not costing you anything -other than about 200mb of precious hard drive space which, let's be honest, you'd only fill with filthy pictures anyway - so, stop your complaining.

Unfortunately, the links for these compilations are becoming more and more difficult to keep live (home taping is killing music don't you know!) so you had probably better CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW before it disappears into the ether forever...

Antimix Fourteen by Fish on Mixcloud


Ric Flair said...

Grabbed it to add to the collection.
In fact, Jazzfunkpsycherocksoulandthat is one of my favourite genres.
Plus i'm with you on the self deprecating tip, fucking boom bap bloggers eh ?
Anyway, the series has always been mad dope, so cheers buh !

Leo Slayer said...

Yes Ric! Glad you like it, always love putting them together and seriously buzz off other people's selections... when you going to get one together for us??